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The association “AntichiPortali” promotes the tradition and traditional products of the Sarrabus-Gerrei region. Particular attention is given to breakfast preparation and guests are provided with all the information on the traditional local cuisine.

Pastificio Su semucu

The “Su Semucu” pasta factory was founded in Ballao, a small village in the province of Cagliari. Its strengths lays in the craftsmanship of the process and superior quality of the ingredients used. We take care of the production and sale of fresh pasta, ravioli, culurgiones, sebadas, pizzas and bakery products, lasagna and typical sweets of Sardinia.

Via R. Lombardi 1/3, Ballao 09040

+39 347 2349472  +39 3482739915  +39 070 957361

Fratelli Marteddu, Pane per amore

“Fratelli Marteddu” means passion for the art of baking. Born in the village of San Vito, today it has 11 stores in South Sardinia. Come and visit us at our many outlets to taste the goodness and quality of our bakery products. From bread that is always fresh and delicious, to leavened products and desserts.

+39 070 9927851

Panificio Antichi Sapori

The bakery “Antichi Sapori” of San Vito produces “prazzire” and breadand is characterised by the preparation of sucoccoi, a typical, hard paste bread, with an unmistakable flavour that you can buy and enjoy hot every Friday evening.

Via Francesco Petrarca 29, San Vito 09040

+39 070 992 8295

Panificio La ghiottoneria

The gluten-free bakery shop of the Schirru brothers in San Vito, sells traditional bread, produces the “pistoccu”, a characteristic puff pastry bread that goes well with all sauces. Particularly tasty are zeppole, a typical carnival dessert.

Via Nazionale 99A, San Vito 09040

 +39 070 992 7076

Pasticceria La Mimosa

“La Mimosa” pastry shop in San Vito boasts considerable experience in the preparation and packaging of Sardinian sweets. From “gueffus” to “bianchini“, “piricchittus” to “pardulas” and “pabassinas” and the classic almond paste macaroons. In addition to traditional desserts, the pastry La Mimosa prepares classic pastries, including miniature and, pre ordered cakes. Letizia and her children will be able to recommend the right dessert for every occasion.

Via delle Mimose 5, San Vito 09040

+39 070 9927928

Cantina Luna Lughente

“Azienda Agricola Garau” was founded in Brecca, San Vito, about sixty years ago during the land reform of the time. Until 2003 it was led by Tito Meloni and Giulia Secci. To distinguish itself, it was named “Luna Lughente”, in reference to its system of vine cultivation and wine processing which uses an ancient method of lunar phase observation and its influence on nature. It is a product that is a symbol of the spirit of Sardinian land, its inhabitants and its traditions.

Località Brecca 10, San Vito 09040

+39 331 6671790  +39 328 9152717

Antica Panetteria “Pistoccu di San Vito”

!San Vito pistoccu” is produced in a small family-run bakery specialised in the production of carasau and spianate bread. Lanfranco the owner uses the same pistoccu recipe handed down to him by his parents for around 35 years. These products are processed entirely with Sardinian wheat, grown and processed in Sardinia, thereby preserving the aromas of our wonderful island.

Via Francesco Petrarca 5, San Vito 09040

+30 347 9735146   +39 349 0682093