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Villaputzu, is a small town of one thousand inhabitants located a few steps from the South East coast of the island, where sandy stretches alternate with promontories and coves. The nearest beach is around the river mouth: four kilometres from the village you will find the tourist port of Porto Corallo, dominated by a tower, one of six of the Aragonese defensive system (XVI century) and Porto Tramatzu beach. Further north, there is Quirra (or Murtas) beach, only partially accessible due to military restrictions.

The SIC Stagni di Murtas and s’AcquaDurci (marshes) are located close to the coast and form the habitat of swamphens, mallards and pink flamingos. An environment that combines sun and sea with birdwatching, biking and trekking. Entering here, you will find thick woods: you can make excursions between ruins of industrial archeology, such as the Baccu Locci mine, and caves with intricate tunnels, stalactites and stalagmites.

The origins of Villaputzu are identified with the Phoenician-Punic river city and port of Sarrapos (or Sarcopos), dating back to the 7th century BC. It subsequently became a Roman centre, as documented in the Itinerarium Antonini. The present town is centred around the parish church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria.

What to visit

  • The late Gothic church of San Giorgio Martyr, rebuilt in the 16th century on a 12th century structure
  • The rural church of San Nicola, a Romanesque red brick building
  • The Castle of Quirra (XIII century)
  • The domus de Janas necropolis of Torre Murtas and s’Oru
  • The hypogeal burial site of Forrus house
  • The tombs of the Giants and sacred well of Is Pirois

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